Walk Away

from Songbirds by Kate Dimbleby



I wrote this on a hill - like quite a few of the songs on this album. A moment of reflection that I wanted to capture. The whole song came out in one go and I recorded it as a voice memo. When it came to the studio version, we decided to give it as little extra as possible. Just the one drone note...which makes it feel very close to that moment in time. It's a big song for me. About release and letting go. It captures a lot how I think we hold on to early experiences of pain but as a grown up, we don't have to stay with them or let them define us. We make our own lives away from that. It remains, it is always there, but it doesn't have to mean anything.


You can always walk away
And you will always find a new place
But imagine if you stayed
How it could be

For a minute
A minute or two
I felt downcast
That same old blue
And so I walked
My way to beauty
That was outside me

Well, You can always walk away
And you will always find a new place
But imagine if you stayed
So much can change
So much can change

So I’m here now
Out on this hill
And I hear birds sing
Oh so still
and as the sun sets
through the cloud
I can see beauty
All around

And though my heart is
Still full of pain
A pain it knows
And seeks again and again
Then I remember
That same old story
Just walk away just walk away
To a another day

And this sunset
Breaks our hearts
As the light bleeds into dark
To unknown places
And other times

We walk away
And yet we stay
We walk away
And yet we stay


from Songbirds, released November 5, 2020


all rights reserved



Kate Dimbleby UK

‘life affirming’ Sunday Times Artist of the Week
‘riveting’ Mail on Sunday, Album of the Week
‘fresh, subtle and startling’ The Guardian
‘intriguing, file under one offs’ 4* ‘Arts First Night’
The Times

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