13th September BRAND NEW scratch performance at Zion, Bristol : Out of our Comfort Zones with writer Cathy Rentzenbrink and Kate Dimbleby

from Kate Dimbleby


Cathy wants to sing and Kate wants to write. Neither of which they have ever done publicly. Out of Our Comfort Zones is the result.

Book for this unique scratch performance at Zion Bristol on September 13th

There will be songs, notepads and a lot of laughter as Kate and Cathy navigate the fear of doing something they’ve never done in front of you, the audience and share some creative tools to navigate the ups and downs of modern life.

Come and join them and help them experiment with a first draft of a new show. And hopefully learn something along the way!

"Stunning vocal virtuosity…Kate Dimbleby is an artist absolutely at the top of her game” (BBC Radio 6 Music)
“Cathy Rentzenbrink offers a message of enormous hope for anybody who is going through loss, grief or trauma” The Sunday Times


  £5 GBP or more 


Kate Dimbleby UK

‘life affirming’ Sunday Times Artist of the Week
‘riveting’ Mail on Sunday, Album of the Week
‘fresh, subtle and startling’ The Guardian
‘intriguing, file under one offs’ 4* ‘Arts First Night’
The Times

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