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For 20 years, I have been creating projects, albums, shows out of nowhere. Just when I think it's time to stop, an opportunity arises to help me move forward.

I have many dream projects that I am working on: a musical about 3 generations of women featuring songs from the 20's to the 80's with originals written with Naadia Sheriff and Emily Phillips, a series of podcasts and online video with other singers about how they found their voices and a new live show and original album telling my story with acapella arrangements of songs I have been writing. Songs for the soul to entertain and uplift.

For years, like so many people, I have waited for the middle "man" (in the form of a manager/record company/radio exec) to come and save me. But they rarely arrive and if they do, they come bound by preconceptions, old rules and restraints that I can't adhere or fit in with, so I continue alone. And probably for the best.

But the age of the middle man is disappearing. Suddenly the artist and the audience can truly integrate, share and enjoy this life we are given without it being "brokered" for us by someone who holds the keys.

And I need your help. I have been approached by a record label to make a new album and our new live show is about to launch in Bristol. We need seedcore (excuse the pun) funding.

Would you like to be part of my Birdsongs project? You will be able to listen to recordings before I go into the studio, make requests - even have a home visit and sing with me.

I have set the subscription rate at £25 a year - with the option to give more. At the very least, you will receive my last 3 albums at a discounted rate and have some Christmas presents in the bag for next year.

In return, depending on how much I raise, I will be able to share new music with you, put an album together (with your input), give you special access to gigs and possibly even a private performance...

Thank you for your support so far. Here's to the next twenty years!

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You’re a supporterThank you!
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Kate Dimbleby

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